Picture Piecer App Downloads

Windows Picture Piecer Setup (1.8)

MacOS Picture Piecer Setup (1.8)

Windows Installation Instructions

The download is a zip file. After unzipping, open piecer.exe (with the Picture Piecer icon). You may receive a warning screen that says “Windows protected your PC”. Click the “More Info” link and a “Run anyway” button will appear. This warning should only happen once.

MacOS Installation Instructions

The download is a dmg file. After opening, right-click on the Picture Piecer icon and choose “open”. You will be able to double-click on the icon for subsequent opens. Drag to Applications folder if you want it to appear in Launchpad.

VersionRelease Notes
1.6Initial Release
1.7Fixed issue with Figure numbers being wrong on pattern assembly instructions.
1.8Add high-resolution mode and color number input to support patterns for logos.